An Muileann Fitness Centre was founded by Cork Footballer Colm O’ Driscoll.  After years of playing & competing at a high level of sport, I decided to study & qualify as a Strength & Conditioning Coach.  Upon completion of these qualifications, I went about fulfilling my dream which was to open my own gym & pass on the knowledge I’ve gained to others.

In January of 2016 I opened the door to ‘An Muileann Fitness Centre.’  My aim is to make this gym suitable for all levels of fitness & for all age groups.  As a personal trainer I will push you, provide you with a plan, & get you workout results even faster.

My Goal is to help you move your health up your priority ladder & start focusing on what really matters YOU!!! Make that step today & join me ensuring that I will deliver you a fitter, healthier, less stressful life – come & train with me today at An Muileann where we have a fully equipped gym to cater for all.


  1. Help you find a form of exercise routine that suits you & one you genuinely love & enjoy
  2. Teach you to fuel your body to support your fitness goals
  3. Ensure that you make a lifestyle change – diet, exercise, stress control that will carry you into the future & not for just 1 month.
  4. Help you focus on YOU & try to have some fun.

                                    ‘BETTER NEVER STOPS’

Contact Colm today on 086-8789048